By far the best way to purchase any of my images is to visit my booth at one of the art and craft festivals listed on this site.   However, I fully understand that is not always possible.  You may have visited a show, admired a particular piece and, after thinking about it at home, decide to purchase.  Perhaps the shows have ended or your schedule just doesn't coincide with mine.  Email or call me to let me know which image you are interested in, and in what size you want to purchase.  I will get back to you promptly, and in almost all cases we can work together to get the art work to you.  As a last resort, your canvas can be shipped at additional cost.

If you are only viewing my work from this site, it is still possible to purchase.  The most efficient and safest way is to use the contact form and be sure to include your phone number.  You should also indicate a good time to reach you by phone in the comments section.  I will call and we can finalize all arrangements for payment and shipping.  Credit cards are welcome and will not be billed until your order is shipped.