Today my images are captured digitally with Canon cameras.  Typically, inside "the bag" is a Canon 60D body attached to a Canon 100-400mm "L" zoom, which is used for birds, critters, and extracted landscape images.  When a shorter focal length is required, a Canon 28-135 mm or a Tokina 12-24 mm replaces the long lens.  For close up work, a Sigma 105 mm, f2.8 macro lens is available.

Images are captured in raw format, processed in Adobe Lightroom, saved as TIFF  files, and printed using Adobe Photoshop. 

Printing is done with archival ink using a large format (24 inch) Epson Professional printer.  Although this set up permits printing on a wide range of media,  the vast majority of my images displayed at art and craft festivals are printed on a premiere quality canvas manufactured by Breathing Color. After printing, the canvas is coated with a water based varnish to provide additional protection against scratching and UV radiation.  The canvas is then stretched around a wood frame.  Most are finished with a rustic-looking 1/4 inch thick wood edge, although floating frames or gallery wrapping are possible.  Properly displayed, these prints are expected to have a life of up to 100 years without visible fading.